TNL’s Virtual Gompa

Aug 4, 2021

Our Virtual Gompa

Zoom Host Coordinator Mary Camille Lutz.

When Mary Lutz was walking her dog last December and the phone rang, she had no idea that her willingness to say yes to executive director, Charmaine Hughes, would give rise to the Virtual Sangha that The Buddhist Center Thubten Norbu Ling became during COVID. It is extraordinary to think that our center had barely used zoom up to that point, and now Mary runs the team which hosts almost eighty events a month!

Som Pourfarzaneh, Anna Thea, Claudio Ruben, Heather Fox.

Creating and maintaining a virtual gompa is more than just managing the technology: Zoom hosts are the public face of the center so they must be poised, professional, and able to think on their feet in a variety of situations. Mary, along with Nancy Savoia (pictured below), have found the secret sauce to choosing the right zoom hosts, and students and teachers concur!

Nancy and Mary recruit potential zoom hosts with friendly emails that remind folks of the boundless benefits of service to the dharma and to all who participate, as well as the fun of being on the Zoom host team.
Mary also created our zoom host guide, and she manages an ever-changing calendar of hosting and training with over nineteen zoom hosts. TNL’s zoom program is truly extraordinary. We owe everyone involved a huge thank you for allowing us to offer this to the world.

John Ballantyne, Hillary Levin, Alexis Dudley, Doris Tattrie, David Komito
Note: Not all zoom hosts are pictured.

A thousand thanks to all of our wonderful zoom hosts:

Bob Albers
Stephen Azuma
John Ballantyne
Matt Bunkowski
Venerable Dondrup
Alexis Dudley
Heather Fox
Charmaine Hughes
David Komito
Behind the scenes support:
IT Matthew Cannella
Hillary Levin
Mary Camille Lutz
Shankha Mitra
Paola Mannaro
Mary Moegenburg
Anil Poovadan
Som Pourfarzaneh
Claudio Ruben
Nancy Savoia
Doris Tattrie
Anna Thea

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