Thank you for all your prayers!

Jun 1, 2021

Thank you for all your prayers! Geshe Sherab is on the mend from Covid, and
recovering at Kopan Monastery in Kathmandu. 


Hello Everyone!

I want to thank all of you for your prayers for our dear Geshe Thubten Sherab. Fortunately, he is doing better and continues to rest at Kopan Monastery

As many of you know, we wanted to thank Kopan for paying all of Geshe-la’s medical expenses, and for taking such good care of him. 

We raised money to offer breakfast and a small cash offering to all Kopan sangha, as well as a donation towards Covid-related expenses to help with the high infection rate – with a total of eight hundred monks and nuns at Kopan, a few hundred were infected.

We are so pleased that forty of you joined us in making an offering of over $4,250 to Kopan on May 26 for Saka Dawa – a holy day commemorating the Buddha’s enlightenment and parinirvana – when the power of any virtuous action, like generosity, is magnified.

Geshe Sherab requested the monks and nuns of Kopan to dedicate their prayers on Saka Dawa for the benefit of Thubten Norbu Ling and all its members –  we all received prayers from our dharma brothers and sisters. 

I also wanted to update and thank all of you who contributed your Tara Praises and mantra count for Geshe-la’s good health. Today, our spiritual program manager, Shankha Mitra, offered the 1,736 Tara Praises and 212,155 Tara mantras to Geshe-la, along with our heartfelt request that Geshe-la live long and continue to teach all of us!



Our dependable contractor, Erik Jaquez, and his crew demoing the back of the meditation hall. 
Photo: Matt Bunkowski

After receiving our building permit from the county in April, Erik Jaquez and his crew made quick work of demoing the inside of the building – ripping out existing walls, toilets, tile, windows, doors, and everything else that needed to go.

Vaulting the ceiling in our new cafe. Photo: Matt Bunkowski

Our plans coming to life with new framing. Photo: Matt Bunkowski

Along with the framing going up, the electrician arrived to begin his part of the project, and our plumber starts this week. The external windows and doors are being ordered this week, too.

We also hired Leonard Pascual and his company A Sound Look to install our audio-video and IT infrastructure. Leonard’s team will begin installation now that we’ve identified our sound system needs with the help of Matthew Cannella, our new audio-visual, IT and archive manager.

Matthew sorting through our audio-visual equipment at the center. Photo: Matt Bunkowski

Matthew studied film making at USC and has worked as a social media manager, film restorer, and video editor. Recently, he spent two years at Tara Mandala Retreat Center in Colorado as their audio-visual manager and he helped create their archive. We are delighted to have his expertise at our center.

Our local interior designer, Erica Ortiz, who can be found hiking when she’s not designing!

We’re making progress picking out paint colors, flooring, furniture, and light fixtures for our new home. Erica Ortiz of NeuBleu Interior Design is a wonderful addition to our renovation team. She is helping us create a modern and welcoming place for all to enjoy.

Erica is focusing on the interior design details of our new space. As she says it is “the details that transform good design into great design!”

Always ready to lend a helping hand – Bobbie and Nancy packing up kitchen items in the middle of our demo. Photo: Matt Bunkowski

A big thanks to Jeremy, Adam, Ajna, Matt, and Jeremy’s boys, Tajand Bodhi who moved all of our previously packed items out of the existing space and into two Pod storage containers before the demo work started. 

Nancy and Bobbie packed up kitchen items in the middle of our demo –– with dust swirling and hammers swinging. Thank you to our intrepid packers! 

Also, many thanks to Joaquin, Jeremy and Taj forlaboring to pull up the barbed wire fencing around the property to make our land feel more spacious. 

JoaquinJeremy, and Taj pulling up the unwieldy barbed wire fence surrounding our property. Photo: Matt Bunkowski

I couldn’t be more excited about opening our new home to all of you later this year. We will organize an opening ceremony where we can all celebrate together – and don’t forget that Lama Zopa Rinpochepromised he would join us via Zoom!



A sneak peek of our new website! 

I am delighted our new website will launch in early June. Don’t worry, the new website will live at the same address (

For the new website, we chose a more robust calendar design to accommodate our expanded spiritual program. The new calendar will make it easier to view and click on our events. 

Ven. Robina Courtin kindlyagreed to help usrestructure the spiritual program. We have now organized the program into five main areas of study and practice: Heart Curriculum, Supporting Curriculum, Meditations, Ceremonies, and Universal Education. Each area of study is leveled from beginning to advanced. 

We also created a Faculty page to provide more information on our excellentteachers, most of whom are FPMT teachers from around the world. Each teacher has their own page with a photo, biography, and a list of their current classes. We wanted to make it easy to get to know a new teacher, or to track a favorite teacher’s schedule of classes.

Once the new website goes live, please contact Matthew with any technical questions at



There is so much energy and excitement with our major renovation underway, our diverse spiritual program attracting members from all over the world, including 11 new members in May, a new website launching very soon, and additional staff joining our dedicated team. 

We continue to flourish because of your generosity and care. A thousand thanks to all of you, especially our new members: Matthew Barnard, Regina Degiovanni, Nim Dissa, Helen Granberry, Sheldon Gelowitz, Bryan Harris, Virginia MontBlanc, Resham Mukherjee, Nadine Pieper, Scott Snibe, and Angelo Torrealba. 

With love,


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