Yamantaka Initiation Question and Answer with Geshe Sherab

Geshe la will be joining us virtually to answer questions we may have about the upcoming Yamantaka initiation. Geshe la will also address why practitioners take initiations and what it means to have taken one, as well as how to think through whether or not one is ready to take a highest yoga tantra initiation. We hope everyone considering this initiation will join us!

Zoom Only

April 16th 7PM – 8:30PM MDT


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      Thank you so much for your kind comment! We put a lot of effort into our program and content with the hope to benefit as many people as possible. So happy to know that you enjoy our material!

  3. Joan

    When will this take place?

    • Louis F DeSantis

      April 16th 7pm – 8:30pm MDT


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