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Taking The Essence: Practicing the Five Forces in Daily Life Begins August 7

The five powers are a powerful framework for systematizing our Dharma practice, helping us to integrate each and every day into a consistent practice for the rest of our life. It consists of shaping our daily motivation as we start our day, harnessing the power of virtue as we go about our day and culminating with an evaluation of our daily practice at the end of the day. If we do it right and develop positive habits throughout our life, as we approach death we will have a better chance of using a set of five power to ensure a good rebirth after death.

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About the Teacher

Ven. Kartsön was born in Israel and met Buddhism in his mid twenties while backpacking in India. He left his job as a software engineer a few years later, and trained as a Tibetan interpreter/translator with the FPMT translators programme. In 2005 he was invited to Chenrezig Institute – Australia and took up the position of the resident translator for the study Program a position he has held for 17 years. Recently he has also been working as the tutor for the advanced Buddhist study program, and giving regular teachings.

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