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The Psychology of Buddhist Tantra

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The Psychology of Buddhist Tantra

Term: Saturdays, Sep 11, 18, 25, Oct 9

An additional class has been added to this course in order to more fully address this topic.

 “The nine mixings” is a core Gelug teaching on the correlation of deep sleep, dream and waking with the three bodies of a buddha and the three conditions of death, intermediate state and rebirth. Using the nine mixings as a framework this series of talks will outline the basic underlying psychology of tantric (Vajrayana, Mantrayana) practice in the Geluk tradition, both from a Buddhist perspective and from a modern western psychological perspective. To the extent possible, I will share personal experience to illuminate the elements of practice I will be discussing.

Some Buddhist topics:
· Deity yoga
· The relationship of wind-energy and images
· Clear light consciousness
· The limits of rational thought

Some psychological topics:
· The history and development of consciousness
· Psychological splitting and repression; reintegration through deity yoga
· Integrating the rational thought of waking consciousness and the metaphoric thought of dreaming consciousness
· Wholeness as liberation

Class One can be viewed here. Class Two here, class three here

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