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The Minds and Lives of All Beings Play Out Within the Natural Law of Karma

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The Minds and Lives of All Beings Play Out Within the Natural Law of Karma

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These teachings are being hosted by our FPMT friends in Romania: Center of the White Mahakala Study Group and Compassion Wisdom Flower Study Group.

Karma, a Sanskrit word meaning “action”, is being used extensively and understood sparingly. In Buddhism (and not only) karma refers to a natural law of the Universe as we see it – every intention and action bring about a subsequent result. Being aware of our own motives is one of the best practices we can master in order to avoid future suffering.

“Karma relates closely to the law of cause and effect that we see operating all the time in the natural world. Everything in the external physical world is a product of cause and effect, so it is illogical to think that the internal environment of the mind is any different. Just believing an action is positive doesn’t make it positive. Unless we understand karma and know the difference between positive and negative karma, we can unintentionally create the cause for terrible suffering. Positive karma, negative karma, it is just a movement of the mind, just a function of mind. Everything is habitual, and so we can change that function by changing the habit. We can learn to recognize a harmful habit as negative karma and work on the mind until that is changed into a positive, beneficial state of mind. It’s just a matter of function. Karma is not magic.” (Understanding Karma by Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche)


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