The Heart of Meditation

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The Heart of Meditation

Dates: Nov 7, 14, 21, 28

The challenges of daily life often leave us feeling overwhelmed, struggling to focus and less able to be present for our friends and loved ones. It can be hard to find the mental space to switch off, relax and recharge. Even when we find time in our schedules, our busy minds make it harder for us to feel properly rested. This is where meditation comes in.

A simple meditation practice gently relaxes us into a calm mental space, where we are aware of our thoughts yet are no longer carried away by them. We can then direct our attention to what matters and face challenges with a happier, more peaceful and loving attitude.

In these sessions we focus on actually experiencing various meditations. We explore what is needed to develop concentration meditation or Shamatha. We get familiar with integrating both our body and mind.
We also explore some analytical meditations, where we focus on one of the essential topics in Buddhism, and deepen into that. And we include visualisation, connecting with yet another aspect of our consciousness, to deepen our experience of the essence of Buddhism.

Why? Because we need realization, moving our practice from the head into the heart, so we are better able to be of benefit to all beings.

Everyone is welcome.

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