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Taking the Essence: Understanding the Three Principal Aspects of the Path (Zoom Only)

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Taking the Essence: Understanding the Three Principal Aspects of the Path (Zoom Only)

The three principal aspects of the path is a fundamental teaching in the Buddhist tradition that outlines the necessary steps to undertake in order to be liberated from suffering. In this course we will come to understand the importance of

Renunciation, or ‘definite emergence’ This aspect focuses on developing a strong desire to break free from the cycle of suffering and dissatisfaction that is inherent in samsara. This includes understanding the nature of suffering and the causes of suffering, and developing a deep sense of weariness with remaining in cyclic existence.

Bodhicitta (or the awakening mind): This aspect focuses on developing the aspiration to attain enlightenment not just for oneself, but for the benefit of all beings. This involves cultivating a deep sense of compassion and empathy for all sentient beings.

Wisdom (or the right view): This aspect involves developing a correct understanding of the nature of reality and the ultimate truth. This includes understanding the interdependent nature of all phenomena and the emptiness of inherent existence.

In the class, we will look at how to cultivate insight into each of these topics through through study, contemplation, and meditation, and discuss how these insights inform our spiritual and personal lives.

The class is appropriate for anyone interested in learning more about Buddhism or those who are seeking a path to liberation from suffering. It will provide a solid foundation for those who wish to deepen their understanding and practice of Buddhism.

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