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Taking the Essence: Practicing Right Now – Exploring the 9 Point Meditation on Death

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Taking the Essence: Practicing Right Now – Exploring the 9 Point Meditation on Death

Dates: Jul 10, 17, 24, 31

A primary obstacle to putting effort into our spiritual lives is the subconscious view that although intellectually we know that our lives will end, we always expect it to happen far in the future. In order to energize our practice and create the space to prioritize it, we must overcome this false perspective. Far from being morbid, contemplating the fragility of of our lives provides a solid basis for turning away from distractions and focusing our time and effort into what really matters, transforming the mind and awakening to our potential in ways that transcend just this one life.

In this course we will explore the method that the Buddha has provided for us to do this, his teaching on the nine point meditation on death.  Through cultivating a deep understanding of the wisdom contained in this practice we will be able to reorient ourselves firmly toward what makes our lives most meaningful; becoming more and more deeply familiar with the positive states of mind that connect us with peace and contentment and motivate constructive actions that benefit others.

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