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Sundays with Geshe Tenzin Zopa: How to Meditate on Emptiness

March 3|10:00am11:30am MST

Sundays, Feb 18, 2024 – Mar 3, 2024

In the profound realm of Tibetan Buddhist philosophy, the Prasangika Madhyamaka school holds a distinguished place, particularly in its elucidation of emptiness, the ultimate nature of reality. This course is an invitation to explore and experience the view of emptiness, not just as a philosophical concept, but as a direct meditative experience that can transform our understanding of reality and our place within it.

Throughout this course, participants will:

Delve into the foundational teachings of the understanding of this school’s unique approach to the concept of emptiness.

Learn meditative techniques grounded in this perspective, enabling a direct and experiential understanding of emptiness.

Explore the practical implications of realizing emptiness in daily life, understanding how this realization can lead to a profound transformation in our interactions with the world and our approach to suffering and happiness.

The course will blend philosophical teachings with practical meditation exercises. Participants will engage in guided meditations, reflective discussions, and analytical contemplations designed to deepen their understanding and experience of emptiness as presented in the Gelug tradition.

This course is suitable for those who have a basic understanding of Buddhist philosophy and want to deepen their practice and understanding of emptiness. It offers a unique opportunity to engage with one of the most profound and transformative teachings in Tibetan Buddhism.

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