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Sundays with Geshe la: Mind-Training on the Bodhisattva Path

All times are MDT: Santa Fe – New Mexico – USA  |  Local time:

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Sundays with Geshe la: Mind-Training on the Bodhisattva Path

Dates: Jun 5, 12, 19, 25, Jul 3, 10, 17, Aug 7, 14, 21, 28

Bodhisattvas are driven by their deep compassion to attain enlightenment, the fully developed state in which they can benefit other beings most effectively. In this course Geshe Sherab will help us understand Lama Atisha’s brief and poetic text The Bodhisattva’s Garland of Gems, in which he describes how to live one’s life perfectly as a bodhisattva. Like a string of precious gems, these guidelines are to be worn, in the sense of being integrated into daily life, like a beautiful garland by all those who wish to traverse the path of full awakening. These teachings will be full of practical advice that practitioners of all levels can begin using immediately to guide their own spiritual growth and development.

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