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Sundays with Elaine Jackson: Demystifying Mahamudra

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Sundays with Elaine Jackson: Demystifying Mahamudra

Dates: May 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

Whether we are liberated or deceived is rooted in whether we realize the ultimate mode of existence of our mind or not.

In Mahamudra, that’s the whole thing. This is not something far distant from us. The difference is made in a single instant…Looking out we find samsara…Looking in we find nirvana.

As the great master Saraha explained: “One’s mind of Mahamudra does not rely on any object. Meditating, there is nothing outside to meditate upon. Distracted, there is nothing inside to wander back to. It is just that un-fabricated primordial state.”

What is this unfabricated state, this view? Dudjom Rinpoche explains that it is the comprehension of the naked awareness, within which everything is contained: sensory perception and phenomenal existence, samsara and nirvana. The view is shunyata or emptiness as the absolute, and appearances or perception as relative.

Meditation will be our focus during these sessions together, step-by-step toward freedom.

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