Saturday Workshop: Understanding and Overcoming Attachment

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Saturday Workshop: Understanding and Overcoming Attachment

If we are really practicing Dharma, we can cut attachment and be totally free. As much Dharma as we practice, the less attachment is possible. Even though problems, worries and fears are not completely cut off, they become much less in our life. Therefore, there is much peace in our heart; there is great peace, because we are living our life in Dharma without attachment. Even when death comes, any time, we die in great peace. We have no worries, nothing. –Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche

The Buddhist path can be thought of as a process of learning to understand how our mind functions and recognizing the mental habits that we have developed which cause us to suffer and can motivate actions that cause others to suffer. One of these tendencies that the Buddha identified as a substantial cause of our dissatisfaction is referred to as ‘Attachment.’ This state of mind deceives us by exaggerating the pleasant qualities of the things we enjoy, and soon we feel as though our happiness is dependent upon being continually surrounded by them, despite knowing this is impossible. This false perspective traps us in a cycle of frustration, that the Buddha clearly taught can be overcome by cultivating a more balanced and realistic outlook.

In this workshop Scott Tusa will help us learn tools for catching the arising of the energy of attachment more and more quickly, and ways of applying effective antidotes to counteract this state of mind so that we can tap into our potential to respond to what happens in our lives with clarity and wisdom. This workshop is open to and appropriate for students of all levels.

Lunch Break: 12:00 – 1:30 PM

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