Public Talk: How to Face Death Without Fear (Registration Required)

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Public Talk: How to Face Death Without Fear (Registration Required)

Death itself is not what causes fear. It is simply the consciousness leaving the body; one labels death on that event. There is no terrifying death from its own side; the terrifying death is made up by our mind. We have made death terrifying. What causes the worry and fear, what makes death so difficult is attachment, desire, clinging: to this life, to the body, possessions, family, friends and so forth. — Lama Zopa Rinpoche, How to Face Death Without Fear

Registration required, please register by clicking here. In addition to skies of merit event sponsors are able to reserve their seating in the Gompa.

Imagine meeting death head on, armed with knowledge and confidence. In this weekend course, we will learn to engage the mind with teachings and practices that prepare us for this natural event, so that we can accept it and face it without fear; and help our loved ones do the same.

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