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Lam Rim: Study, Reflect, Meditate, Part Two

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Lam Rim: Study, Reflect, Meditate, Part Two

Term: Thursdays July 1 –  August 19

The Lam Rim (“Stages of the Path”) contains the most important points we need to learn about, understand, and meditate on in order to actualize our Buddha nature, our potential for enlightenment, for the benefit of all beings. This course will focus on a relatively short Lam Rim text, The Easy Path (De Lam), by the first Panchen Lama, and will use materials from other Lam Rim texts as well. Classes will include an explanation of a different topic each week, plus time for discussion and Q&A. There will be weekly reading and meditation assignments.

 Materials Link for This Series, Part Two

Materials Link for the Previous Series, Part One


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