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Afternoon Express Meditation: Lamrim Meditation

All times are MDT: Santa Fe – New Mexico – USA  |  Local time:

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Afternoon Express Meditation: Lamrim Meditation

Dates: Thursdays Jan 6, 13, 20, 27, then continues at the same time until March 31, 2022

The Lamrim composed by Lama Tsongkhapa— the graded path that encompasses all the Buddha’s teachings—is the foundation for all of the study and practice in our tradition. We’re excited to present a series of easy and accessible meditations on all the topics of the lam rim.

As a further resource, students can use the excellent meditation outline of Ven. Thubten Chodron available here.

Materials Link

The following topics will be covered.

Small scope

The nature of the mind: Source of all happiness and pain
Four Noble Truths
Precious Human Life: a) Purpose and Opportunity and b) Rarity and Difficulty of attaining a precious human life

How to properly rely on the spiritual guide
Eight worldly concerns
Remembering death
Nine-point meditation on death
Taking refuge
Karma: the four characteristics (karma is definite, …)
Ten non-virtuous actions
Results of karma

Middle scope

Truth of Suffering: Eight sufferings of human beings
Six sufferings of cyclic existence
The Cause of Suffering: The three and six afflictions
Nature of the path to liberation: The Three Higher Trainings

Great scope

How to develop bodhicitta.
Advantages of altruistic intention
Seven points of cause and effect
Equalizing oneself for others
Training in the Six Perfections:
Joyous Effort
Calm abiding

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