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Dharma Toolkit: Understanding Compassion Meditation

All times are MDT: Santa Fe – New Mexico – USA  |  Local time:

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Dharma Toolkit: Understanding Compassion Meditation

Dates: Aug 5, 12, 19, Sep 2, 9, 16, 23, Oct 7

Every three weeks on a Tuesday we offer the group practice of Avalokiteshvara Guru Yoga, which we call Compassion Meditation.

The sadhana used in this meditation was composed by His Holiness the Dalai Lama when he was nineteen years old. Beautiful visualizations and text inspire the development of compassion and wisdom conjoined with Guru yoga— seeking blessings and inspiration from our spiritual guides. In these five sessions Geshe Sherab will guide us through the rich meaning of the visualizations, mantras, and the words of this meditation in order to strengthen our practice.

In this course Geshe la will help us understand the rich meaning of the visualizations, and mantra used, and take us step by step through the practice, helping us to clearly see the value of drawing ourselves closer to the enlightened energy of compassion.

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