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DB 1: Mind and Its Potential

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Area of Study

Heart Curriculum



DB 1: Mind and Its Potential

Dates: Mondays Jan 3, 10, 17, 24, 31, Feb 7

Sat Feb 12 (Practice Day)

In order to understand the Buddhist world view, it is necessary to understand the central role of mind, or consciousness. According to Buddha, mind is not physical, not the handiwork of a creator or our parents, is beginningless and endless and possesses buddha nature.

Students learn the basic facts about the epistemological model of the mind, as well as the psychological model that explains the various positive, negative and neutral states of mind, the three categories that all our thousands of thoughts and emotions fall within.

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Suggested Reading and Meditation Schedule

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Discovering Buddhism with Certificate of Achievement

Starting in 2022 the two-year Discovering Buddhism program offered at The Buddhist Center Thubten Norbu Ling will include an option to receive a certificate of achievement for each module. Students can also choose individual modules to take for certification while participating more casually in other modules.

Successful completion of all fourteen modules by a student who’s been associated with an FPMT center for five or more  years would permit them to apply to become a registered Discovering Buddhism teacher. A student who completes all fourteen modules before they’ve been associated with a center for at least five years can apply to become a registered teacher once they’ve regularly attended classes for five years.

· To successfully complete each of the first thirteen modules the student must attend five of the six weeknight classes as well as the Saturday Practice Workshop
· If a weekday class is missed the student must watch the recording or attend the facilitated version of the missed class.
· Within the two-year program, two Saturday Workshops may be missed, but the student must engage in similar practice at home.
· The student must do all of the required reading for each module, practice all of the meditations introduced in each module at least three times on their own, and pass an exam at the end of each module.

In order to receive a certificate of achievement for Module 14, Special Integration Experiences, which could take two to three years, the student must complete:

· 100,000 prostrations to the Thirty-five Confession Buddhas in the form of a preliminary practice.
· 100,000 recitations of the long Vajrasattva mantra in conjunction with the meditation on the Four Opponent Powers in the form of a preliminary practice.
· Three Nyung Nay fasting retreats and be familiar enough with the practice to set up and lead a retreat.

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