The Journey Within: Understanding the Psychology of the Yamantaka Tantra

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The Journey Within: Understanding the Psychology of the Yamantaka Tantra

Dates: April 15, 22, 29

This series of three talks is a preliminary introduction to the Yamantaka initiation which Khensur Rinpoche Jetsun Lobsang Delek will offer. Dr. David Komito will combine traditional and modern psychological perspectives in an introduction to the practice of Yamantaka. There are limits on what can be said about the practice to those who have not received the initiation, but much can be said which will help people decide if they wish to take the initiation and begin the practice. There will be abundant time for questions. David has been engaged in the Yamantaka practice since 1988.

Tsongkhapa practiced the Yamantaka tantra from the time of his childhood and it became one of the three fundamental practices in the Gelug tradition. In this practice one utilizes both the rational waking mind and the dreaming mind, which is symbol-using, associational in character and intimately linked to the emotions. Combining these two ways of knowing gives the practice its power to transform the mind and emotional nature from negative to positive.  This can impact not only this life, but the entire stream of lives.

Among the topics David will discuss are:

  • Understanding how the three principal aspects of the path are foundational to the practice: renunciation, bodhicitta and the view of emptiness.
  • The importance of the guru/lama.
  • The necessity of initiation.
  • Yamantaka’s form: buffalo head with many arms.
  • Bringing the poison of anger into the practice and transforming it in our daily lives.
  • The relationship of mind and the inner energies.
  • Utilizing our innate Buddha nature in the practice.
  • Techniques for practice, such as divine pride and clear appearance.

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